Exempel på brev med förfrågan till utländsk domare





Dear Mr/Mrs/Miss__________________________________________,


May I introduce myself. I am _________________________ and responsible for our

dog show in the Shih Tzu Cluf of______________________ (kretsens namn).

It is my responsibility to find a judge to our show at _________________(ortens namn, datum och årtal).


As we are familiar with Your qualifikations in judging shih tzu, we would like to forward a request for judging our show at the above mentioned date.


After having received Your answer and a confirmation from Your Kennel Club and The Swedish Kennel Club we shall return to You with confirmation and necessary information. The undersign shall be Your contact person when it comes to various arrangements in connection with the show.


Hoping to have Your positive answer I am looking forward to hear from You.


Yours sincerely,





My adress:

My phone/fax number:

My e-mail adress: